[WEBINAR]: How to maximise the performance of your clinical team

Webinar 2 - Support staff

In this month’s webinar with our CEO Paul Elmslie, we introduced strategies on how to manage your clinical team to deliver the best support to you and your patients.

What is the secret to a well-run practice that delights patients? Efficient clinical support staff are crucial in facilitating your work and maximising productivity in a fast-paced general practice. But how do you best utilise and optimise your team from the front desk, to the nursing team, to the practice manager?

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[WEBINAR] How to move your practice from bulk-billing to private billing


In this month’s webinar with our CEO Paul Elmslie, we introduced strategies on how to move from bulk-billing to private billing.

With Medicare rebates remaining low, how do you meet the increasing cost of providing medical care in your practice? Doctors are forced to take a pay-cut, see more patients, or charge more. Most GPs will be unable to afford the first two options if they wish to continue to provide safe, efficient care to their patients and avoid burnout. If you are currently bulk-billing all or a large proportion of your patients, you may need to introduce or increase out-of-pocket expenses to ensure the sustainability of your practice.

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How To Provide A Positive Cosmetic Consultation

client consultation

Client consultations are an important first step in any cosmetic procedure – whether it be in a cosmetic clinic, doctor’s office, beauty salon or spa. The consultation sets the tone for the client’s whole experience and the level of trust they develop with you, and even influences whether they chose to put their cosmetic needs into your hands. What can you do to make that consultation a positive one? Continue reading “How To Provide A Positive Cosmetic Consultation”

Dermatology Research Review

In this dermatology research review: A phase two trial from a recent issue of N Engl J Med reports that selective IL-23 blockade with risankizumab provides better clinical responses than ustekinumab for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. Four other papers also focus on psoriasis, including a meta-analysis of the risk of major adverse CV events associated with the use of biological agents, the increased risk of avascular necrosis, and an analysis of data from the UNCOVER-1 and UNCOVER-2 trials comparing outcomes for patients treated with ixekizumab who continued treatment with those who withdrew then restarted treatment.

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Dermatology Review: Acne


In this month’s dermatology review on acne, there were certain trends such as the use of light and lasers, revisiting well-established treatments such as oral antibiotics and spironolactone as well as those studies supporting new treatments. Several new topical treatments are now or soon to be available. The supporting studies are included for topical dapsone gel, a new fixed combination formulation of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide and the new biophotonic gel. The selected papers begin with acne pathogenesis. Continue reading “Dermatology Review: Acne”

How Does Smoking Affect Skin Ageing?

A study sought to find whether health and lifestyle factors affect the appearance of photoprotected skin, and specifically whether smoking affects skin ageing.

Objectives  To develop a reproducible photonumeric scale to assess photoprotected skin ageing and to determine whether health and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, affect skin ageing in photoprotected sites. Continue reading “How Does Smoking Affect Skin Ageing?”

What Environmental Factors Affect Skin Ageing?

A US study has sought to identify the environmental factors that affect skin ageing.

Objective  To identify environmental factors that correlate with skin photoaging, controlling for genetic susceptibility by using a questionnaire administered to twins.

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Does Vitamin C Fight Skin Ageing?

What is the link between vitamin C and skin ageing? The influence of ageing on the density of the functional entities of the papillae containing nutritive capillaries, here in terms as the papillary index, and the effect of topically applied vitamin C were investigated by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) in vivo. Continue reading “Does Vitamin C Fight Skin Ageing?”

Research Review on Psoriasis 2

This research review on psoriasis looks at a multi-centre Australian study published in JAMA on the association between paediatric psoriasis and waist-to-height ratio in the absence of obesity, which suggests a positive association in a group of 200 children attending a tertiary referral centre paediatric dermatology clinic and one of two private specialist dermatologists’ consultant rooms. This study highlights the potential impact of central adiposity in children with this condition. Another study, from Germany, investigating the German Psoriasis Arthritis Diagnostic (GEPARD) questionnaire developed for the early detection of psoriatic arthritis (PsA), shows the tool to be helpful in screening for such patients. Other studies in this review include the investigation of periodontitis and the risk of psoriasis, stigmatisation in psoriasis, ixekizumab in biologic naive versus experienced patients, and PASI score and quality of life.

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Research Review on Dermatology [February 1]

Highlights in the February research review on dermatology include the encouraging findings from two phase 3 trials (published as a single paper in New Engl J Med) of dupilumab, a monoclonal antibody, in the treatment of moderate-to-severe AD (atopic dermatitis), and also for the Janus kinase inhibitor tofacitinib for treating severe alopecia areata. Authors from Denmark have reported increased 10-year mortality in patients who had been hospitalised for AD (but not as much as those hospitalised for psoriasis), likely because of more cardiovascular comorbidities often present in patients with severe AD. This issue concludes with a paper reporting some success with 308nm excimer light therapy in a small series of patients with treatment-resistant alopecia universalis.

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